Anderson Manufacturing has debuted their latest offering with their new Suppressor Ready series of firearms.

Anderson Manufacturing states “At Anderson, we’ve partnered with Advanced Armament Company (AAC)—America’s pioneer and leader in sound suppression—to launch our versatile new Suppressor Ready Series.

This Anderson-exclusive series includes seven new firearms that are factory tuned and equipped to host suppressors right out of the box.

When suppressed, each new Anderson firearm will enable its user to enjoy a quieter, more accurate shooting experience while reducing recoil and eliminating 90% of the muzzle signature.”


  • A4-2000:
  • Specter Pistol, .300 Blackout
  • Specter Rifle, 5.56
  • AM-9 PDW, 9mm
  • Silent Ranger, .308
  • Kiger-9C SR, 9mm
  • Kiger-9C Pro SR, 9mm

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