Railscales has expanded on their vertical grip offerings with the RSBM-P polymer vertical grip.

Railscales state “- A polymer variant of our popular RSBM™ vertical grip, that features grooved cuts that was originally developed for a contract end user.

Weighing in a scant 1.13oz, it is the lightest polymer MLOK vertical grip on the market, a 1:1 copy of the machined aluminum version.

Extra care was given to design the mold to mimic a look simialr to matte anodized aluminum.

Designed for PDW and shorter barrel setups, its ergonomics also find itself at home on carbines as well.

The cylinder of the grip is offset 0.140″ to allow for fine adjustment in its already small footprint by alternating its direction 180 degrees.

When used as a broom handle style grip, the RSBM-P™ allows for a 3 fingered grip with the pinky over hanging the bottom.

XOS-H™ scale compatible. Only available in MLOK.”


  • 1 MLOK Slot
  • XOS-H™ scale compatible
  • Length: 2.488″
  • Width: 1.13″
  • Outside Diameter: 1.42″
  • Weight: 2 oz with hardware
  • Injected Molded Glass Filled Polymer

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