Area 419 has debuted their latest in reloading equipment with their new Zero M-Series sizing dies.

Area 419 states “The ZERO M-Series Sizing die is the culmination of years of testing, research, trial, error, frustration, and finally, discoveries.

As Reloaders, we knew we needed a die to do certain things, but as the makers of the ZERO Reloading Press, we also learned a huge amount about what other dies did well or did poorly, and what our customers were struggling with on a daily basis.

With the ZERO M-Series Sizing Die, we think we have produced a sizing die that is capable of producing the finest, match-grade ammunition, as well as being user-friendly to new and learning reloaders.

Sizing brass doesn’t have to be complicated. It doesn’t have to require years of trial and error.

It just needs equipment, made with the end-user in mind, designed with the understanding that a die is part of an ecosystem of parts.

A press, a die, the brass, the rifle – they all have to work together and be designed with one another in mind.

This is that. Introducing, the ZERO M-Series Sizing Die.”


  • Micrometer Adjustable Headspace/Shoulder Bump
  • Precision Ground Expander Mandrels (all dies ship with a .002 neck tension mandrel, more to be available Q1 2023)
  • Full-Length Neck to Extractor Sizing
  • Spring Ejection for Spent Primers
  • Replaceable Steel Decap Pins
  • Reamer Cut to Exacting Dimensions for a TRUE Size (no more sticky bolt after the second firing)
  • Hydraulic Shoulder Pressure Relief
  • 100% Made in AMERICA

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