Noveske Rifleworks has recently announced the rebranding of their Chainsaw series which-was known to be their line of blem products and is now a new line of product SKUs based on their forged product line.

Noveske Rifleworks state “Chainsaw will now be Noveske’s forged product offering based on a hybrid of our Gen 1 and Gen 4 designs. We have modified the basic M4 look to match our Gen 4 aesthetic of intentional lines and smooth fit.

Noveske will offer Chainsaw in three barrel lengths and two calibers to meet your needs.

This product line, as its name suggests, is intended for hard and practical use. It will be Noveske’s utilitarian offering, with the same quality and dependability, at a price point open to more users.

Chainsaw will only be offered in black anodizing.

It’s up to you to be create and build out your chainsaw rifle.

Think of it as buying a stock Tacoma.”

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