Sionyx has launched their latest product with the new OPSIN DNVM1 night vision unit.

Sionyx states “Inspired by the U.S. DoD’s desire to integrate digital night vision into surveillance and support low-light operations, OPSIN is changing the night vision game.

It brings next-level innovation to the traditional night vision market with our proprietary XQE-1350 Black Silicon CMOS sensor.

OPSIN’s technology provides unmatched color low-light capability plus immersive digital display, recording, and navigation features that make operations more precise, efficient, and informative.

Heightened visual detail and data collection inform tactical decisions and refine intelligence – advanced capabilities you won’t find with traditional night vision.

Plus, with a jurisdiction and classification of EAR99, OPSIN is available globally with minimal export restrictions.”


  • <1 millilux moonless starlight night vision
  • Extra-large 1920×1080 HD micro-OLED display with a custom eyepiece for 25mm eye relief
  • 44 degree field of view for maximum situational awareness
  • Photo, video, and audio recording
  • Manual focus of objective lens and diopter
  • Onboard digital magnetic compass and GPS to document and geo-tag location
  • Up to 256GB on-board storage
  • Battery provides up to eight hours of operation with a full charge
  • Flexible helmet mounting options with a standard dovetail interface
  • Adjustable and reversible swing arm with quick-release button
  • Exceeds MIL-STD-810G drop test
  • IP67 rated: water-resistant at 1m/30min submersion, vibration/shock, salt/sand

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