Jagerwerks has recently gone live with their new A1 Optics Mount.

The A1 Optic mount would allow for the mounting of a red dot with the addition of an aiming device that would sit above the handguard allowing the aiming device to fire above the rail and hand of the operator, also allowing for hand clearance on the forward picatinny rail of the handguard.


  • 2.25″ from picatinny rail to optic centerline
  • Aerospace grade 7075 Aluminum, type III hard coat anodized
  • Stainless steel thread inserts for long service life
  • IP27/T27 Torx socket headed cap screws so you never have to worry about striping hardware
  • Optional safety wire ready screws for when you never want to worry about your screws coming out
  • Removable accessory mount via locking dovetail, designed to never be able to fall off without removal of the optic
  • Cerakote option is applied over properly prepped type III anodizing and will add 2-4 weeks to the shipping time
  • Aimpoint mount is compatible with H1, H2, T1, T2, CompM5, Vortex, Holosun, Primary Arms, and Sig Sauer optics with the Aimpoint Micro footprint.
  • Eotech .625 is designed to raise the EXPS to the 2.25 optic center
  • Eotech .875 is designed to raise the XPS to the 2.25 optic center
  • Made in Michigan!

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