Sharps Bros has released a new 3d printed from NYLON 12 MP5SD style shroud to fit their Ultralite Model of handguards.

Sharps Bros states “The shroud is 3D printed and made from Nylon 12, an incredibly strong, lightweight polymer that is both abrasion and chemical resistant.

It also has a high melting point near 370 degree F.Set the handguard flush with the front of our handguard or offset it 1/2 inch forward of the handguard to take up any gap between the end of the handguard and the beginning of your muzzle device – for that nested MP5-SD look.

It is possible this shroud works with other brand handguards, but it was designed to fit our ultralight handguards.

Our 7″ ultralight handguard is the perfect matching length for the shroud, but it will also fit the other lengths in our ultralight series (10″, 13.7″ and 15″).

So if you want a guaranteed great fit, pair it with our handguard.

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