Uintah Precision known for their bolt-action AR-15 pattern upper has released their latest with the new .45cal AR-15 pattern muzzleloader upper.

Uintah Precision states “Turn any “mil-spec” AR15 into a tack driving muzzleloader and catch all the hunts!

For our Modern Sporting Muzzleloader uppers, we use the same bolt action receiver from our UPR15 line.

The receivers are machined from American 6061 billet aluminum with a pic rail on top and a 15″ MLOK handguard gives you plenty of real estate for any peripherals you might add.

The barrels are a 24″, 416R Stainless Steel, 1 -20 twist barrel from Preferred Barrels. Recoil from the .45 caliber projectile is tamed by our dual port muzzle brake.

Secured and running along the top of the barrel and protected by the handguard is the aluminum ramrod with brass jag.

The bolt is machined from American 4140 steel and features dual extractors to ensure the spent 209 primers won’t get stuck.

Whether you’re an experienced muzzleloader shooter or looking to get into it, look no further. The Uintah Precision Modern Sporting Muzzleloader is it!”

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