Kalashnikov USA has teamed up with CMC Triggers in the KUSA AK 2.0 drop in trigger for the Kr-013 & KP/KR-9 series of firearms and will also fit most AK pattern firearms.

Kalashnikov USA states “KUSA partnered with CMC Triggers to create the ultimate upgrade for your AK47 variant.

With its 100% modular, CNC-machined, and easy to install design, our trigger group will give your AK the cleanest, most reliable trigger pull its ever had.

All versions are preset with a factory pull of 2.5/3.5 pounds.”


  • Available Pull Weight 2.5lb & 3.5lb
  • Flat Trigger Bow
  • Ultra-crisp trigger
  • Glass-smooth break
  • Minimal lock time
  • Positive trigger reset
  • Easy to install
  • Made from 8620 Alloy Steel, S-7 Tool Steel and 7075-T6 aircraft grade Aluminum

To learn more about Kalashnikov USA and CMC Triggers. CLICK HERE