Faxon Firearms has recently expanded on their AR-10 pattern Sentinel series of pistols and rifles with the new 8.6 Blackout cartridge.

Faxon Firearms states “It’s all in the name… Sentinel. A Sentinel is a guard whose job it is to stand and keep watch.

The Faxon Firearms Sentinel will do just that… keep watch… overwatch, that is.

The AR-15, no doubt, is America’s favorite rifle. But even America’s rifle has its limitations.

The primary limitation is that it cannot handle long-action cartridges such as the 8.6 BLK.

The standard 5.56 NATO cartridge loses a lot of velocity and power at a distance.

So to get over that hurdle but still have the same feel of an AR-15, you’re looking at an AR10.

The AR10 has the same look and feel as the AR-15.

But you can now shoot longer action cartridges such as the 8.6 BLK, 308 WIN, and 6.5 Creedmoor.”


Faxon Sentinel 8″ 8.6 BLK AR10 Pistol
Faxon Sentinel 12″ 8.6 BLK AR10 Pistol
Faxon Sentinel 16″ 8.6 BLK AR10 Rifle

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