Spiritus Systems in their latest product drop has released the MPRC Mk5 or the Multi-Platform Radio Chassis MK5.

Spiritus Systems states “The Multi-Platform Radio Chassis (MPRC) Mk5 is a modular and scalable approach to radio retention that can accommodate a wide range of radio models.

The chassis is a three-part system that allows the internal dimensions of the MPRC to expand and contract as needed.

With this wide fitment range, almost any radio model can be properly secured and ventilated while maintaining the full range of functions on the handset.

The chassis backer is a semi-rigid board that can be mounted to body armor, chest rigs, and packs using its two MOLLE columns, or on the waist via the integrated belt pass-through.

The board is stiff enough to provide a firm mounting surface for any radio and keep it immobile regardless of size.

The base of the MPRC Mk5 is a tri-flap battery cup that is MOLLE adjustable for height on the front of the chassis backer.

The MOLLE interface provides users with a wide range of adjustability without sacrificing any durability or structural integrity in the chassis.

The tri-fold flaps enable the user to swap batteries without removing the radio or unplugging any wires and can be resecured with an additional layer of redundancy via the fastex buckle that runs through the front.

The top strap can be threaded through the chassis backer in one of two slots to further accommodate the wide variety of radio sizes, and will help the user configure the MPRC Mk5 so that it does not impede buttons or toggles on the handset.”

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