Kalashnikov USA has teamed up with Blue Force Gear in a KUSA branded AK Vickers Sling series.

Kalashnikov USA states “Kalashnikov USA is proud to introduce or AK Vickers sling in partnership with Blue Force Gear.

This sling has a “KUSA” pull tab for fast adjustment. This is the go to sling for AK users.

The Standard AK Sling was designed from the ground up to be the perfect sling for the world’s most prolific small arm to match the qualities of the AK – simple, durable, functional, and comfortable.

If you have been long dissatisfied with the issued canvas strap or can’t seem to get commercial slings to fit right, this sling is for you.

The Standard AK sling is what you want for your AK-47, AK-74, or other AKM style rifles.

We started with the Vickers Sling platform used by good guys the world over.

With over 500,000 in use with the US military, the Vickers Sling with its quick adjust technology has a track record of being combat proven.”

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