Toor Knives has launched a limited edition version of the popular Jank Shank with the new Jank Shank Pikal fixed blade knife.

Toor Knives states “After such an overwhelming response to our initial post, we have decided to double the size of this Limited Edition batch of Jank Shank Pikal blades, which aims to pay homage to an iconic shape and the history behind it!

Though this blade has been around for centuries, it is still produced by hundreds of makers and is utilized in martial arts and self-defense courses around the world.

This very limited batch of custom Pikal blades features the exact same handle profile and ergonomics as our current Jank Shank.

The razor-sharp straight edge of the blade has been flipped upside down for a simple solution to a reverse edge.

The high saber grind leaves the blade with a full-face bevel, which further lightens the weight of the overall knife.

Thumb jimping is added to both the front and rear of the spine of the blade for reference points when manipulating the knife and we finished the handle with an extremely aggressive APEX texturing pattern to prevent the hand from slipping.”


  • Overall Length:7.0″
  • Blade Length:3.0″
  • Handle Length:4.0″
  • Handle Material:G10
  • Steel:Nitro-V
  • Blade Thickness:0.25″
  • Blade Hardness:59-61 Rockwell
  • Weight:6.3 oz

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