Sharp Bros has recently shown off a little teaser of their up-coming new muzzle device called the Badlands which is an integrated muzzlebrake with blast deflector.

Sharp Bros states “This is one solid piece… it is 3D printed from 17-4 stainless. H900 heat treat.

You get the recoil benefits from the internal brake and the sound direction and flash reduction benefits from the blast deflector.

The technology for 3D printing has really come along way the last 10 years – but what hasn’t I guess, right?

If this were a machined part it would likely be 4 separate parts screwed or welded together and I don’t know how we would get some of the interior details.

I’m pretty excited about this one. We really just have some finish issues to work out then it’s ready for prime time.”

To learn more about Sharp Bros. CLICK HERE

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