Zenitco has recently announced their latest offering for the AK pattern with their new Leader kit.

Zenitco states “Leader kit is designed for rifles based on AK with barrel length not less than 415 mm (not compatible with shorter barrels).

Leader kit has Basis rails on four sides, that allow installation of additional equipment (hand stoppers, slingmounts, switches, wire holders, rail covers, grips, additional Picatinny rails) compatible with Basis directly on handguard.

For installation of Picatinny compatible equipment it is possible to install additional Picatinny rails (sold separately) B-2, B-2L, B-2M, B-2U in any place on Basis rail.

«Leader» kit has a lowered place in its front part for installation of Perst combined devices: both separate devices and integrated «Perst» block.

In case of operation without Perst it is possible to install an ergonomic insert”


  • lowered platform in the front part for installation of «Perst» combined device;
  • strength
  • ergonomics
  • improves the cooling of the barrel
  • creates mounting positions for additional equipment.
  • Material: aluminum alloy D16T.
  • Working range of ambient temperatures: from -50 to +50 0С.

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