Springfield Armory has recently introduced their new charging handle for the AR-15 pattern with the LEVAR Ratcheting charging handle.

Springfield Armory states “A stuck cartridge in your AR-15 due to out of spec ammunition renders your weapon useless until cleared.

Carbine instructors train students to slam the butt of the gun against the ground to free stuck casings causing potential damage to your firearm.

The patented LevAR™ ratcheting charging handle gives users a 3:1 mechanical advantage over traditional charging handles and clears stuck cartridges with ease while keeping your muzzle pointed safely down range.

Simply deploy the ratcheting arm and pull back to eject the casing. The LevAR™ installs in seconds and is compatible with any standard AR-15 upper receiver.”


The patented LevAR™ charging handle is designed to work with any mil-spec style AR-15 and incorporates a deployable arm that assists in removing a lodged cartridge in the event of a failure. When the arm is not in use, the LevAR™ acts as any standard ambidextrous charging handle.

The mechanical advantage of the LevAR™ allows for a greater output force with minimal effort from the operator. The end result is the ability to clear a catastrophic malfunction much quicker than using traditional methods.

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