I mean really, it was only a matter of time until Cloud Defensive introduced their own pistol lights.

Cloud Defensive who is well known for their ultra-rugged hard-use weapon lights has recently announced their entry into the pistol light market with two models with the EPL-C that is geared towards the EDC market and the EPL-D for the Duty side of pistol carry.

Cloud Defensive states “We’d like to introduce you to the Enhanced Pistol Lights. Yes. Plural.

Because there are two of them. The pistol light we told you about before? It has a bigger brother we didn’t tell you about.

Until now. EPL-C is most capable EDC-sized pistol light ever made.

Its lumen output matches the bigger duty lights made by others.

Its candela is far higher. It’s capability far greater. And its size, far smaller.

Perfect for AIWB. Slightly shorter than a Glock 17 as seen here.

The days of “Well, some light on your carry gun is better than none” are over. Period.

EPL-D (Duty) is your duty light. It is the most powerful pistol light ever made.

A little longer. A lot more capable at distance. Better at defeating certain types of barriers such as street lights, window-tint and more.

And it’s substantially more compact than the competition. Longer than a G17 but not by much.

That matters. A lot. Duty-sized lights don’t have to be monsters. Nor should they be.”


  • Battery change is executed from the front. Super easy.
  • Batteries are 18350’s.
  • The EPL heads are interchangeable.
  • Both lights will be available the day of launch. Both in Black and FDE.
  • Made and assembled right here. In southern Indiana. By us. As always.
  • Lifetime Warranty. We stand behind our gear and our customers.
  • You can’t see the switching yet because we are not done with it. But we’re close. It’s user-adjustable/modular and will be awesome. We won’t be done until that’s the case. Both momentary and constant-on.
  • Both EPL-C and EPL-D fit into existing Safariland 6000 and 7000 series for X300 and TLR-1.
  • Both the EPL-C and the EPL-D will have holster support. Holsters, ready to ship, on our site, the day of launch.

To learn more about Cloud Defensive. CLICK HERE