Variant One has recently launched their latest tool with the HUC or Hybrid Utility Cutter.

Variant One states “Late last year, we were approached with a challenge to develop a tool that could augment/replace the common set of shears carried by our warriors and first responders.

A tool that would allow for the rapid and safe removal of clothing and other obstacles to assess and treat patients.

After months of prototypes and field testing we are proud to announce the Hybrid Utility Cutter, aka HUC.

A new patent pending design that serves as a multi-functional cutting tool that can defeat seatbelts, uniforms, fabric and similar items in a safe and efficient manner.

The HUC is an innovative patent pending design that was originally designed by and for those that go into harms way.

Rescue hooks are common; however traditional designs pose a greater risk to patients during the removal of clothing, extrication and rescue.

The premise of the HUC was simple.

Use premium grade materials and incorporate design features that would allow for the replacement and or augmentation of trauma shears.”

To learn more about Variant One and the HUC. CLICK HERE