Occam Defense Solutions has recently released their ODS-FH four pronged flash hider has a stand alone sku.

the ODS-FH four prong flash hider is a hybrid flash hider suppressor mount that utilizes the Dead Air Keymount mounting interface with the 4 prong flash hider portion based off the Smith Enterprises Vortex flash hider.

Occam Defense Solutions states “Our flagship ODS-FH flash hider is standard equipment on our ODS-1775 rifles, but it is cryo-fitted to the barrel without the use of threads.

We’re extremely excited now to be offering our Dead Air Keymount compatible flash hider in threaded form!

Available threads are 14-1L, 1/2-28, and 5/8-24.

The bore is sized for .30 caliber (7.62mm) AND SMALLER bores.

NOT for use with calibers over .310/7.62 mm

The 4 prong ODS-FH flash hider design is based on the Smith Enterprises Vortex Flash Hider.

It is extremely effective at dispersing exhaust gasses such that they fall below ignition temperature– no ignition, no flash!

The concussion is likewise very low. The Dead Air Keymount QD system allows mounting of any suppressor that has 1-3/8-24 female threads (through the Kymo Adapter).

The ODS-FH combines these two winning technologies in one great package that is compact (adds 1.5″+ to the barrel length) and light weight (96g or 3.3 oz.).

The ODS-FH is machined to sub .001″ tolerances on swiss lathes from 4140 alloy steel.

We then heat treat and nitride (QPQ) the surface to get an extremely hard, corrosion resistant device that will be there when you need it, and looks really sharp as a bonus.”

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