Under current suppressor orthodoxy one must install a muzzle device to ones barrel in order to host a suppressor onto your rifle or firearm, and in most circumstances a mount is used for the suppressor that is designed for the specific muzzle device on your rifle to attach the silencer to the rifle.

JMAC Customs has released their new X Series muzzle brake and suppressor adapter that features the industry standard 1.375x24tpi threading, thus removing the need for a separate muzzle device to suppressor mount.

And sure, you could also use a direct thread mount, but then you would need to install a muzzle brake if you wished to not run the can.

JMAC Customs states “The X Series muzzle brake and suppressor adapter remains installed on your firearm and allows direct threading of several suppressors!

Its lighter, Shorter, Simpler and Less expensive than most QD systems on the market while maintaining all the positive attributes of a direct thread mount!

There are no adapters involved the suppressor threads DIRECTLY onto the mount!”


  • 3 baffles to protect your suppressor
  • No timing required
  • Simple, no adapters
  • Remains installed on your firearm
  • Lightweight
  • Minimal added length
  • Compatible with dozens of suppressors
  • Reduced Recoil
  • Reduced Flash
  • Blast Shield Available

To learn more about JMAC Customs and X Series muzzle brake suppressor mounts. CLICK HERE