T.REX Arms has recently announced their latest in Kydex holsters with the new Sidecar Holster seriest that features a modular hinge system.

T.REX Arms states “For the last six years, the T.REX Sidecar has been the industry-standard AIWB (Appendix Inside the Waistband) holster.

But now we’ve updated this holster with the T.REX ARMS Spine System—a modular hinge system that allows the holster and preferred attachment to flex as you move and conform better to your body.

This provides maximum comfort and concealability, but since it is a single-axis pivot system, it also retains the stability you need for maximum consistency when you draw your pistol or grab your magazine for a reload.

Watch the video below for an in-depth look at the new Sidecar holster, all its features, and how to adjust it to fit your needs.

The holster and Spine (or attachment and Spine) are formed from a single piece of Kydex, making it the smoothest and simplest design of any flexible holster system.

The holster is connected to the attachment by a machined steel pin, which lends the Spine strength and creates the ability to quickly and easily swap out attachments.

The Sidecar is compatible with standardized slide-mounted optics mounted behind the ejection port (not compatible with optics mounted on the frame or over-hanging the ejection port) and with suppressor height sights up to 0.5″ tall.”

To learn more about T.REX Arms and the Sidecar holster. CLICK HERE