Vertx has launched their latest piece of kit with the new Firebase PCC Bandolier designed for pistol caliber carbine magazines.

Vertx states “You can’t always spare the space or weight it takes to pack for multiple mission profiles so when it comes to loadout the Firebase PCC Bandolier is the versatile solution you need.

Worn either under the right or left arm like a shoulder holster, diagonally across the body like a bandolier, attached to the front of your plate carrier, or deployed from your bag for off-body carry, the Firebase Bandolier allows up to four pistol caliber carbine mags with the ability to configure access either from the top or bottom.

Each magazine cell has silicone printing for extra retention and the centerline pocket is Tactigami™ compatible and a great place to store maps, documents or an IFAK.

Designed for concealment under shirts or jackets the low-profile shoulder and waist straps secure the bandolier without adding bulk.

A multifunctional, multiple carry platform, the Firebase PCC Bandolier is an expert addition the Prepared Professional’s™ arsenal.”


  • Unique multi-purpose pouch platform allows for on or off-body carry options
  • Exterior panel can be stowed to reveal hook-side for attachment in bags, packs, chest rigs and plate carriers
  • The center stow pocket can be used to store sensitive items like IDs and documents or IFAK
  • Belt keeper shock-cord provides added security when worn in x-strap configuration
  • Snap closures add retention when on the move
  • Straps can be reconfigured for left or right-handed use
  • Pouches can be oriented faceup or facedown for faster reloading

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