Strike Industries has recently announced the update of their popular CZ P10 EMP or Extended Magazine Plates to now support the C pistol models.

The CZ P-10 EMP also fits the P-10 F and P-09 series of pistols.

Strike Industries states “The Strike Industries Extended Magazine Plate for CZ P-10 was designed to provide smoother magazine reloading through a slow drag / no snag design while maintaining maximum magazine capacity.

The Extended Magazine Plate (EMP) adds plus 5 rounds (9mm) for P-10 or plus 4 rounds (.40 Cal) for P-09 to OEM CZ magazines.

Following the success of our EMP systems for pistols, the form factor and unique geometric design gives a unified and aggressive aesthetic look to your CZ P-10.

Included is our special steel locking plate, which compared to other magazine extensions on the market, features a hook design which adds extra locking security to increase reliability when fully loaded with rounds.

Give your CZ pistol the extra rounds it deserves with the Strike Industries Extended Magazine Plate (EMP) for CZ P-10 (C & F) or P-09.”


  • Plus 5 round capacity for 9mm
  • Plus 4 round capacity for .40 Cal
  • Low drag / no snag design
  • Impact resistant polymer
  • Includes locking steel plate

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