Beretta has recently announced the expansion of the PMX 9mm subgun series with the new semi-automatic version the Beretta PMXs.

Beretta states “The PMXs was born from the Beretta military experience: after the great institutional success of the PMX, the new Submachine Gun, in 9X21 dedicated to the civil sector, is able to give even to fans of the tactical world the performance of a true professional weapon.

In fact, with a weight of 2,390 kg with an empty magazine inserted, the PMXs has many similarities that confirm its military expertise behind it.”


  • Semi-auto direct recovery action
  • Barrel Length:(mm) 185
  • Barrel Length:(in) 7.2
  • Nitrided barrel type
  • Caliber:9×21 (IMI)
  • Charger:20
  • Total height (mm):220
  • Total height (in):8.6
  • Total length (mm):650 mm (stock extended) / 428 mm (stock folded)
  • Overall length (in):25.6 in (extended stock) / 16.8 in (folded stock)
  • Total thickness (mm):86 mm (folded stock, right puller) / 100 mm (folded stock, left puller)
  • Total thickness (in):3.4 in (folded stock, right puller) / 3.9 in (folded stock, left puller)
  • Safety Ambidextrous selector on the casing
  • Views Adjustable / foldable
  • Weight unloaded (g):2400 (without magazine)
  • Weight unloaded (OZ):84.6 (without magazine)

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