Driven Arms Co in collaboration with Goonin Gear has announces their latest product the SFM or Slip fit magwell and in its first variation it will be in support of the popular Aero Precision EPC-9.

Driven Arms Co states “the Slip Fit Magwell (SFM) brings “extra flare” to your EPC-9, just over doubling the already generous funnel of the receiver.

The unique attachment method, termed the Slip Fit, was developed in collaboration with Goonin Gear LLC, and offers users a simplified construction with reduced points of (potential) failure.

Variants for the Forged AR15 Receiver and M4E1/Ballistic Advantage Enhanced are to be available exclusively through, Goonin Gear LLC.”


  • Low profile design, free of snag points, offers unobstructed manual of arms
  • Durable single piece nylon construction
  • Simplified hardware reduces potential failure points to effectively none
  • Ultralight construction: 0.60 oz including hardware

To learn more about Driven Arms CO and Goonin Gear. CLICK HERE