MK Machining in collaboration with Driven Arms Co has debuted their latest offering in the AR-pattern with the new ULCG or Ultralight Compact Grip.

MK Machining states “The Ultralight Compact Grip (ULCG), designed in conjunction with Driven Arms Co, provides users an ergonomic and “low-drag” profile at a vastly lower weight than comparable products.

Weighing just over *30 grams sans hardware, the ULCG features a shallow grip angle of 10.4° for greater comfort and control, particularly with shorter rifle & pistol setups.

Unique internal geometry brings surprising strength and rigidity to the ULCG with a minimal amount of material usage.

Additively Manufactured on our MJF 5200 from PA11 material. Includes mounting hardware.”


  • Weight:3 oz
  • Dimensions:3 × 2 × 2 in

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