Griffin Armament has expanded on their precision shooting accessories with their new SPRM Bubble Level.

Griffin Armament states “At the request of the Schmidt and Bender PRS team captain, we’ve designed a housing constructed of aircraft grade aluminum to support an Accuracy 1st Development Group ceramic ball level accessory for the SPRM™² scope mount line.

This ceramic ball level accessory achieves the same precise resolution of less than 1° with line increments of 2.5°.

This allows a shooter to more consistently eliminate rifle cant, which can cause windage point of impact error especially at long ranges such as 800 meters when dope on the rifle may require ~25.5 foot hold overs.

At 25.5 feet of aiming elevation, a mere 1.5 degrees of cant from level creates 8 inches, or nearly 1MOA, at 800 meters of windage error on target.

While optically squaring the horizon is functional most of the time, optical illusions from uneven grade can be eliminated with the use of an anti-cant level of this type.

PRS shooters talk about how air bubble levels more common to the market move too rapidly, bubbles change shape, and offer poor contrast, taking long enough to render the systems functionally useless.

The Accuracy 1st design uses a ceramic ball and curved tube for greater resolution and contrast.

This accessory must be mounted on the left upper 45 degree surface of the SPRM™² mount ring.

It is not ambidextrous, but rather is intended for right handed shooters.”

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