KE Arms has recently announced the expansion of their popular Polymer KP-15 series of AR15 pattern monolithic lower receivers.

KE Arms states “We’ve finally caught up with orders enough that we can offer a color many have been asking for; OD Green.

The color we are running is a close match to Magpul OD green, but texture and exact polymer type can make that vary slightly.

We’ve already run some samples in testing and everything is looking good for us to do a production run.

Switching colors is not a simple process as colorants can change the material properties of the polymer that can effect molding settings, welder settings, and post welding machining parameters.

With Black and FDE we shipped the first several thousand of each as complete units so we could verify fit and function of parts installed.

Likewise with OD Green being a new color with new processes, these will all be sold as complete units so we can verify fit and function of parts.

There is a limited amount of press time available and limited material to get these done so we are only running 3000 units.”


  • Compatibility with most common AR15 uppers and lower parts kits
  • Flared magwell to make reloads under stress easier to perform.
  • A1 Length 13” Length of Pull (LOP) Buttstock to fit a wide range of shooters
  • MLOK Slots at rear of stock for sling attachment points or run a strap through it for simple sling attachment
  • Holes at the front of the stock for QD socket inserts for more sling attachment options
  • Improved grip for comfortable use
  • “Winter” Trigger Guard

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