Aero Precision has recently expanded on their popular pistol caliber carbine platform the EPC-9 series with new EPC-9 Enhanced uppers and upper and lower EPC-9 enhanced receiver sets.

Aero Precision states “The EPC-9 Enhanced Upper Receiver is the perfect addition to any AR9 build.

Including a last round bolt hold open mechanism and compatible with our robust lineup of Enhanced and Quantum handguards, the EPC-9 Enhanced Upper Receiver provides an extremely rugged handguard mounting solution.

The EPC Enhanced Upper Receiver utilizes a one-piece design combining the handguard mounting platform with the upper receiver itself.

Through superior engineering, we have condensed the parts needed to mount a free-floated handguard to a mere 8 screws.

Since the handguard mounting surface and upper are of the same forging, not only is it a stronger system, but we are able to make additional lightening cuts to save weight and allow for more efficient cooling.”

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