Giant Mouse Knives has announced their latest blade offerings with the new ACE Riv line of folder knives.

Giant Mouse Knives states “The Riv is available in Titanium, Brass, and Green Canvas Micarta. While the green canvas Micarta version will be sold through dealers, the brass and full Ti versions are GiantMouse exclusives, and will only be available on the GiantMouse website.

All feature Elmax blade steel, ball bearing pivot, and titanium frame lock.

The blades are 2.44″ (62mm) in length, measured from tip to forward-most aspect of the frame, and are 0.118″ (3mm) thick.

The handles are 3.375″ (85.73mm) long. Giving the Riv an overall length of 5.75″ (146mm).

Many people look at the Riv as a mini-Biblio. However, we did not just shrink a Biblio to do the Riv.

We started over and completely redesigned a new knife in the lines of the Biblio, but with its own feel and expression.

This was also the way we designed the Biblio, from the lines and concept of the GM1.

It would be easier to just scale a knife model up or down to any size you think would sell well, but we don’t work that way!”

To learn more about Giant Mouse Knives. CLICK HERE

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