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Seekins Precision has recently rolled out a limited edition Red enhanced builders kit for the AR-15 pattern.

Seekins Precision states “Limited edition Enhanced Builders Kit in RED.

You can’t build a quality rifle without parts, so we’ve made it easy for you with the Seekins Precision Builder’s Kit.

Our kit provides you with the integral parts needed to finish your lower receiver.

Given the amount of personal preference that goes into choosing the perfect trigger, we have not included one in this kit.

This kit features all of the Seekins Precision manufactured lower receiver parts as well as the pins and springs needed for assembly of your AR15 lower receiver.

The red builders kit sold as is and only available for a limited time.”


– Enhanced Bolt Catch

– Bolt Catch Roll Pin

– Bolt Catch Spring

– Bolt Catch Plunger

– Buffer Retainer Pin

– Buffer Retainer Spring

– Red Mag Release Button

– Mag Catch

– Mag Catch Spring

– Safety Selector Barrel 60/90 Degree

– Red Short Safety Selector Lever

– Red Long Safety Selector Lever

– Selector Detent

– Selector Spring

– Red Trigger Guard

– Trigger Guard Roll Pin

– Seekins Precision Takedown Pins (2) pivot and rear *Only available in builders kit

– Takedown Pin Detent (2)

– Takedown Pin Spring (2)

– Set Screw Hex

– SHCS Hex (2)

To learn more about Seekins Precision. CLICK HERE

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