Geissele Automatics has recently debuted their latest in the Icon Rifle series with the Last Man standing rifle.

Geissele Automatics states “The Geissele ICON Rifle for August – “The Last Man Standing” is not available for purchase.

It is a unique rifle and the only way to obtain it is to be selected as the sole winner of this giveaway.

This carbine honors traditional Pennsylvania Rifles of the era with its beautiful wooden accents (rail panels, A2 Wood Stock and Grip) and fixed Iron Sights, while incorporating the latest in weapon technology to create a rifle worthy of those who made their last stand at the Alamo.

This Super Duty lower receiver set features a custom engraving of the State of Texas. Within that engraving is the year that changed Texas history, and a Lone Star, marking the location of the historic Alamo.

“The Last Man Standing” features a 16” barrel chambered in 5.56mm, cold hammer forged at our state of the art facility in North Wales, PA.

It uses a Geissele Length gas system with a bombproof installed Super Gas Block to ensure optimal reliability and performance in extreme conditions and heavy use.

An SSA-E X with Lightning Bow® trigger offers the perfect balance between a classic M4 trigger bow and a flat bow trigger.

At the heart of this rifle is the Geissele REBCG (Reliability Enhanced Bolt Carrier Group), featuring Geissele’s Nanoweapon technology, with its unmatched corrosion, wear, and abrasion resistance.

Smoothing out the recoil are a rifle buffer and rifle length Super 42 Spring.

A 15” MK16 Super Modular Rail mates to the Super Duty Upper Receiver via a center aligning tab that removes any chance of rail rotation.

The MK16 family of rails is renowned by operators for their performance and comfort.

An Airborne Charging Handle and a Super Configurable Safety ensures smooth, comfortable, and reliable operation.

All of these high performance items come together to make Geissele’s August ICON Rifle, “The Last Man Standing”, the perfect rifle to commemorate the battle of the Alamo.”

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