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Battle Arms Development has recently announced their latest offering for the AR-15 pattern wit the new BAD-ASS-PRO ambidextrous safety selector.

Battle Arms Development states “The best just got better! From the inventors of the very first fully modular, patented, ambidextrous safety selector for the AR-15 platform, Battle Arms Development is raising the bar on reliability and compatibility while lowering the price with the new generation BAD-ASS-PRO!

This professional-grade, no non-sense, duty grade semi-auto safety selector is the perfect upgrade to your AR-15.

It comes standard with a reversible throw safety center with 0°-90° and 0°-60° short-throw options.

The standard and short safety levers are fully interchangeable and modular to accommodate left or right-handed shooters.

The new BAD-ASS-PRO is now 100% compatible with all known(3), AR variant lower receivers, and triggers designed to work with the “Mil-Spec” AR-15 semi-auto safeties.

No longer do you need a short-throw relief cut on your lower receiver to use the ambidextrous safety, simply use the provided short-throw markings sticker!

No longer do you have to choose which trigger is compatible with the safety!

If the trigger it will work with a “Mil-Spec” AR-15 semi-auto safety, it will work with the new BAD-ASS-PRO!

No more broken screws!

Don’t settle for wiggling levers!

No more stripped screw heads!

The new patent-pending dovetail design and internal locking mechanism make it impossible to shear off the screw head because there is no screw head!

Do not settle for spring-loaded detents that never give your safety lever that positive lock of confidence and worry about losing the small parts.

The new BAD-ASS-PRO locking mechanism is robust, reliable and something you can depend your life on!

The new internal locking set screw will not fall out and it is self-locking, no thread-locker is necessary!

The new 5/64” set screw is also designed to resist stripping.

Battle Arms Development has perfected the ambidextrous safety with the BAD-ASS-PRO!

We are so sure that you will love the new BAD-ASS-PRO, we are offering a no questions asked 30-day satisfaction guarantee (1) in addition to our limited lifetime warranty!

Try it!

We guarantee you will never want another ambidextrous safety ever again!”

battle arms development Ar15 ambi selector ambidextrous safety selector fun switch AR-15 2


– Modular Assembly

– Ambidextrous Controls

– Reversible 0°- 60° or 0°- 90° Option

– Ergonomic Lever Design for Positive Purchase

– Limited Lifetime Warranty Against Manufacturing Defects

– Dovetail Attachment Engineered for Ultimate Strength and Reliability

– Patent Pending Internal Locking Mechanism Eliminates Broken Screws

– Swiss CNC Machined Center for Ultimate Precision and Butter Smooth Operation

– Compatible with All Known AR Variant Triggers(2) (i.e. Hiperfire, Geissele, CMC, Timney, etc.)

– Compatible with All Known AR Variant Lower Receivers with or w/o Short-Throw Relief Cut and Markings(3)



battle arms development Ar15 ambi selector ambidextrous safety selector fun switch AR-15 3



– UPC: 810033782541

– Manufacturer: Battle Arms Development, Inc.

– Center Material/Finish: Swiss CNC Machined Bar-Stock Steel Core, Hardened, Black Phosphate

– Lever Material/Finish: Investment Cast 8620 Steel, Black Phosphate

– Assembly Weight: 0.74 oz (center core, standard lever, short lever, and two set screws)

– Center Core Weight: 0.39 oz (with two set screws)

– Standard Lever Weight: 0.21 oz

– Short Lever Weight: 0.14 oz

– Country: Made In U.S.A.

– Patent: US 8,806,790, US 9,587,897 and Others Pending

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