l2d combat stainless steel futed glock guide rods  1.jpg

L2D Combat announced their latest upgrade for the Glock family of pistols with their new L2D Combat stainless steel captured guidrods that feature their new 17-4 stainless steel capture screw and L2d “spear tip” fluting that also matches their barrels.
L2D Combat states “L2D Combat fluted stainless steel guide rods will increase the reliability of your firearm by preventing potential failures derived from factory polymer guide rods flexing, chipping or breaking.

The captured spring design will accommodate a variety of recoil spring weight options that can be interchanged to reduce recoil and increase reliability when tuning your pistol to a specific cartridge load, slide, suppressor or compensator.

L2D guide rods are machined from 416 stainless steel for superior durability and are available in multiple finish options.

We offer aftermarket high performance ISMI recoil springs in different weight configurations as optional add-on accessories to the kit.

ISMI recoil springs are heated treated, shot peened and stress relieved after winding to enhance their performance, service life and durability.

L2D guide rods will not accept the OEM factory recoil spring due to an increased shaft diameter, aftermarket springs are required.”

l2d combat stainless steel futed glock guide rods  2.jpg
To learn more about L2d Combat and their new stainles steel Glock guide rods. CLICK HERE