polymer80 sig p320 grip frame grip module sig p320 correct grip angle 1.jpg

Polymer80 announced they will show support for the Sig Sauer P320 pistol platform with a new grip module frame.

The Sig P320 grip frame will feature a lot of the same enhancements and improvements built into the popular P80 frames.

Polymer80 is still in the development stage of the P320 grip module.

No release date or pricing has been announced.

Polymer80 states “This is the PF320 a polymer frame that is compatible with SIG P320 Full/Carry, P320 X5, & P320 VTAC slides/components.

This frame will feature all the P80 enhancements and ergonomics such as a textured grip, high beaver tail undercut, and the double undercut trigger guard.

The PF320 frame is not a firearm, and will require the end-user to install the SIG P320 Fire Control Unit, parts kit and a complete slide.”

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