Bond arms 45 colt 410 derringer john wick pistol 1.png

Bond Arms announced their latest offering in limited edition the “Wicked” John Wick gun chambered in 45/410 and 9mm.

Bond Arms states “The Bond Arms Wicked is a very special edition gun that you can get for a limited time! In honor of our gun being the FIRST TWO SHOT of the movie John Wick 3, we put together a special package that includes a 9mm Bond Arms with a 4.25″ barrel just like the one that John Wick shot in the movie, plus an extra 4.25″ 45/410 barrel.”


Stainless steel double-barrel and frame
Compatible with all standard Bond Arms barrels
Automatic spent casing extractor
Patented rebounding hammer
Retracting firing pins
Cross-bolt safety
Spring-loaded, cammed locking lever

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