polymer80 80percent glock g43 frame 80 43x 80 48frame ghost guns 1.jpg

In the past few years D-I-Y “80” receivers for firearms have increased in popularity along with the recent uptick of shooters moving away from subcompact double-stack pistols to thinner single stacked pistols for concealed carry. Polymer80 recently announced they will be adding support for the Glock 43 frame with the PF9SS.

Polymer80 states “Think we’re done with 80% pistol frames? Not by a long shot! Introducing the PF9SS, a single-stack subcompact frame kit that is compatible with G43 components. Above is a pre-production model that has performed flawlessly, with the injection mold currently in the works. We hope to have these in the hands of our dealers sometime mid Fall 2019. Stay tuned for more info!”

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