ed brown products 45acp brass once fired brass for reloading 1911 45  1.jpg

When a firearm manufacturer completes  a firearm the next step is to run a few rounds through the firearm to make sure everything is tiptop before it goes onto to the final stage of packaging and off to retail. Also, during alpha and beta testing, shooting for fun, promotion etc. This can accumulate tons of once fired brass. Ed Brown Products has announced they will be now selling this 45acp brass in batches of 1000.

Ed Brown Products states “Good news for all reloaders! 1000 rd bags of 45 ACP brass is now available to you. Fired, collected, and stored in a controlled environment, and ready to be your next batch of loads. May be all Federal, or Winchester, or a mixture of both. Shipping is included via FedEx and will ship separately. Limited quantities available.”

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