volquartsen ruger 10 22 poly recoil buffer recoil stop pin ruger 22magnum 1022  1.jpg

Volquartsen Custom announced their latest offering for the Ruger 10/22 originally designed and produced 20 years ago by Volquartsen, a new redesigned version of their polyurethane bolt stop pin or known as a recoil buffer has officially been released into the wild. The purpose of the drop-in polyuerathane bolt stop pin is to eliminate the metal on metal contact between the bolt and the receiver thus, stoppin any vibration caused by the metal on metal contact.
Volquartsen Firearms states “Contrary to popular belief, not all polyurethane products are created the same. This is why we’re now manufacturing our Recoil Buffer from ML6®. While raw polyurethane is adequate for some applications, its limitations do not allow for precision casting, chemical and structural stability over time, qualities of friction and wearability, and other elements that make ML6® a superior choice.”



-Precision casting means tighter tolerances offering a better fit
-Chamfered edges for easier installation
-Increased durability designed to withstand the thousands of rounds of rimfire we love to put downrange
-Improved composition designed is not affected by any cleaners or lubricants
-Over 90 durometer on the shore A Scale
-Product Number: VC10RB
-UPC: 810162010751
-Made in the USA

To learn more about Volquartsen Firearms and their 10-22 recoil buffer. CLICK HERE

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