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Tyrant Designs CNC finally released their much anticipated Glock T-Comp for sale. This pistol compensator is made specifically for the Glock pistol platform and is designed to dramatically reduce muzzle rise and recoil. The Tyrant Designs CNC Glock T-comp is designed in such a way that no modification is required for installation. It is a true drop-in and go muzzle device. The Glock T-comp is fully compatible with Glock pistols Generations Three through Five.

Tyrant designs cnc glock t-comp glock pistol compensator  1.png
Tyrant Designs CNC states ” The real ingenuity¬†is in how the T-Comp is installed. Utilizing a two piece design our Glock comp installs securely in seconds WITHOUT the need for set screws or any other faulty attachment methods. Working on a concept focused on uncompromised innovation allowed considerable engineering freedom in developing significant solutions. Once attached, the Tyrant Compensator will not come loose while operating your firearm, or while holstering/unholstering it. Whether you are a range day goer or competitive shooter we are confident our Glock compensator not only outperforms the competition but sets a new standard for compensator innovation.”

Tyrant designs cnc glock t-comp glock pistol compensator  3.png
To learn more about Tyrant Designs CNC and the new Glock T-COMP. CLICK HERE

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