EAA/GIRSAN has introduced their latest offering with the new .380acp chambered MC14BDA pistol.

EAA/Girsan states “EAA Corp and Girsan Firearms have done it again! Introducing the Girsan MC14BDA, a modern take on an iconic .380ACP design.

With its rich heritage, reliability, and affordability, the Girsan MC14BDA is set to rival the throne of the defense .380ACP pistol world.

The Girsan MC14 series boasts a 13+1 magazine capacity, which shares compatibility across the Girsan MC14 lineup that uses a series 84 magazine.

This innovation means the MC14BDA achieves a remarkable capacity, while providing similar weight to comparable products that offer half the magazine capacity.

Key differentiators include composite grips for improved handling, a clean Double-Action /Single-Action Trigger, lightweight forged aluminum frame, a frame safety and auto firing pin block for added security and an intuitive 3-dot sights system.

The MC14BDA is available in all-black or two-tone Cerakote finish to combine elegance with durability.

What sets the Girsan MC14BDA apart is its game-changing pricing. In fact, the Girsan MC14BDA will be a fraction of the price of most alternatives, making it an accessible choice for firearm enthusiasts.

For those seeking an iconic design, unwavering reliability, and exceptional quality without breaking the bank, the Girsan MC14BDA is the answer.

EAA Corp and Girsan are committed to delivering excellence, and the MC14BDA is a testament to that commitment.”

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