Troy Industries has debuted their latest for the AR-pattern with the Troy PNEUMA Ambi gas diverting charging handle.

Troy Industries state “In 20 years as a leader in small arms development, TROY® Industries has seen the rapid adoption of suppressor use across the shooting community.

Suppressors increase shooter situational awareness by reducing flash, concussion, and noise profile. But their benefits come at the cost of increased back pressure and gas blowback.

The gas stings your eyes, reducing your situational awareness when you need it most.

The TROY Pneuma is a gas diffusing ambidextrous charging handle that will keep your focus on target by diverting harmful lead and blowback gasses away from your face.

It dumps waste gas out of the right side of your rifle along channels in the charging handle’s surface. Plus, a shaped ridge along the back helps to seal gas inside the upper receiver.

Enlarged, ambidextrous non-slip latches are easy to use with or without gloves. The Pneuma gives you quick, positive control during normal or emergency weapon manipulation.

TROY designed the Pneuma to survive the toughest conditions. Its stem is milled from 7075-T6 aircraft grade aluminum and hard coat anodized.

The latches come in anodized black, Cerakote® FDE, or Cerakote® gray.

In an engagement, every moment counts.

Gas blowback can be crippling in low-ventilation environments.

Drive your focus on target with the TROY Pneuma.”

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