Radian Weapons has shown off their latest innovation with the Guardian optic guard and the SIX back-up sights.

Radian Weapons state “The GUARDIAN + SIX lets operators overcome the inherent shortcomings of traditional one-size-fits-all pistol optic mounting plates.

Conventional plates lack comprehensive protection for costly red dot optics and possess inherent vulnerabilities in their mounting hardware, leading to issues such as screws coming loose or shearing off due to applied forces during repeated cycling of the weapon.

The GUARDIAN addresses these concerns head-on. Crafted meticulously from 7075 aluminum and durable 17-4 stainless steel, the Radian GUARDIAN presents a solid and dependable mounting solution that prioritizes safeguarding the pistol optic.

The proprietary TRU-SEAL™ technology employs innovative o-rings to maintain a watertight seal between the plate and the slide, effectively shielding against moisture infiltration and averting both thread corrosion and the need for an additional sealing plate.

One of the key distinguishing features of the GUARDIAN system is its ingenious STUD-LOK™ interface, which offers over double the thread engagement compared to conventional threaded plates.

Oversize Torx sleeve nuts with self-locking threads ensure secure attachment.

This superior torque-down mechanism pulls the optic rearward against the recoil bosses and solidly against the plate, guaranteeing a rigid mounting interface that surpasses factory-supplied options.

This STUD-LOK™ interface allows the plate and guard to be made from high strength lightweight 7075 aluminum, keeping the entire system under the weight of a traditional steel plate.

The integration of the SIX back-up sights further exemplifies Radian’s commitment to the operator’s needs.

With an ‘Irons Forward’ design, the optional back-up sights cohesively align with the red dot optic, offering an unobstructed sight picture through the optic.

This innovative configuration ensures seamless transitions between sighting systems, enhancing overall accuracy and target acquisition speed.

“The Radian GUARDIAN + SIX is a testament to our dedication to delivering unparalleled firearm components and accessories,” said Joshua Underwood, Founder & CEO at Radian Weapons.

“We identified the shortcomings of existing pistol optic mounting systems and engineered a solution that not only resolves those issues, but also elevates the overall shooting experience.

The GUARDIAN provides unmatched protection, enhancing functional performance and reliability, truly embodying the spirit of Radian’s commitment to innovation.”

The launch of the GUARDIAN + SIX is set to redefine the expectations in the marketplace, offering a groundbreaking approach to pistol optic mounting and sighting solutions.

Radian Weapons continues to push the boundaries of product design, offering shooters a new era of precision and performance.”

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