Tactical Solutions has released their latest in rimfire offerings with the OWYHEE TD magnum .22mr rifle.

Tactical Solutions state “The .22WMR OWYHEE™ Magnum Bolt Action Rifle is a lightweight, compact, highly accurate, and collapsible .22WMR rifle designed with the highest level of quality engineering and craftsmanship. This bolt action rifle provides a much quieter platform when adding a suppressor than semi-automatic alternatives. The Owyhee TD Magnum is specifically designed to provide magnum power in a compact and portable platform.”


  • Lightweight: At 4.1 lbs., one of the lightest takedowns rifles available
  • Versatile Use: Perfect for backpacking, hunting, plinking, and target shooting
  • Threaded Barrel for Easy Silencer or Compensator Attachment: Threaded muzzle for thread-on silencer
  • Quick and easy collapsible engineering: Push of a button and twist mechanism for easy takedown and re-assembly
  • Open Sight System: Fiber Optic Front & Rear adjustable sights
  • Shoot with Accuracy: The barrel’s chromoly steel bore and target crown provide pinpoint accuracy
  • Behind-the-trigger safety: Ergonomic and safe; safety location behind the trigger
  • Noticeable Craftsmanship: Unique design & quality above all others
  • Easy Optics Attachment: Scope Rail available for easy scope attachment
  • The only .22 WMR bolt action takedown rifle available: This is a one-of-a-kind product with no replicas.
  • Quick and Easy Magazine Removal: Extended magazine release allows quick and easy magazine removal
  • Modified Magpul X-22 Backpacker Stock: Innovative stock design attaches the barrel assembly to the
    stock body for compact storage and packability.

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