Armory Craft has recently shown off the new Sig P320 pattern full-sze / X-Five aluminum grip module (AXFG)

Armory Craft states “These grip modules are compatible with factory SIG AXG magwells, as well as, both types of Armory Craft AXG magwells, which are shown in the above image gallery. Please CLICK HERE for magwells.

This frame is the same length as all P320 full frames or X5/X5-Legion frames. It will fit flush with P320 full-size slides, while it will be about 1/2″ shorter with X5 slides (the same dimensions and look as X5/X5 Legion pistols).”


  • checkering at the bottom of the trigger guard
  • ergonomically improved (slightly higher) trigger guard undercut
  • ergonomically improved beaver tail (lessened upward swoop / more downward leverage during shooting)
  • this slide shares the same dovetail cuts as any factory SIG slides and will accommodate any factory SIG sights.

To learn more about Armory Craft. CLICK HERE