Halfbreed Blades has launched their latest in fixed blade combat knives with their new MIK-02 GEN2 knife.

Halfbreed Blades state “Introducing the MIK-02 Gen-2 from Halfbreed Blades.

We take immense satisfaction in bringing to you this meticulously crafted fixed blade, tailored to meet the requirements of devoted infantry personnel and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

Embodying the essence of the traditional Japanese tanto, the MIK-02 Gen-2 takes it a step further with our modified blade geometry and upgraded 3D-textured G10 handle scales, offering a firm and comfortable grip that ensures optimal control in any situation.

This blade isn’t solely focused on its aesthetics; it’s designed to empower you with a utilitarian tool capable of delivering remarkable performance and unwavering dependability.

Engineered and fine-tuned for precision, the MIK model 02 Gen-2 is outfitted with essential attributes that elevate its practicality.

Whether navigating combat scenarios or embarking on outdoor expeditions, this blade stands poised to excel in every situation.

Its resilient composition guarantees steadfast durability, establishing it as an essential partner for those who demand excellence in their equipment.

The allure of the MIK-02 Gen-2 extends well beyond the realm of battle.

Embraced by professionals, this contemporary spin on tradition has gained popularity due to its unmatched versatility and feature-rich design.”

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