Griffin Armament in their latest suppressor geared towards 5.56 has released the all new M4SD-L silencer sporting so pretty cool new features.

Griffin Armament states “Generations of innovation and extensive R&D at Griffin Armament has kept us at the forefront of the industry, our customers satisfied, and ensured continued advancements in sound suppression technology.

The new M4SD-L 5.56mm suppressor keeps this tradition in mind by incorporating a perfect combination of many beloved suppressor technologies Griffin is known for : GATE-LOK™mounting system, tubeless laser welding, ECO-FLOW™ baffle tech, and the Pressure Reduction Cap.

This suppressor utilizes the GATE-LOK™ QD mounting system, one of the fastest on the market, which allows attachment compatibility to mil spec A2 Nato compensators as well as Griffin’s proprietary, performance-rich GATE-LOK™ muzzle device options.

Griffin Armament was the US pioneer of tubeless suppressor technology when in 2010 nearly the whole Griffin centerfire suppressor line was engineered this way.

If lower system weights are desired, tubeless construction is ideal, as traditional double walled construction is omitted.

Deleting the textured outer tube that the GATE-LOK™ family is historically known for, saves weight but imposes other engineering difficulties which need to be overcome.

With over a decade of tubeless suppressor manufacturing experience, Griffin has matched or exceeded the durability and useful service life of traditionally-constructed suppressors in a weight-saving, tubeless design.

M4SD-L suppressors are manufactured using 17-4 stainless steel, from industry leading suppliers.

Griffin utilizes cutting edge CAD design, industry leading tooling and machining practices, and integration of laser welding to provide unmatched strength and durability without the need for a heavy, tube-over design.

Balancing internal flow with optimized sound suppression is also fundamental to suppressor engineering, as that is the chief reason to use the items.

Griffin has integrated its patented ECO-FLOW™ baffle design into the M4SD-L which allows gasses to flow through the suppressor reducing blow-back in semi automatic and fully automatic operating systems.

This provides the end user with reduced gas and sound pressure at the shooter’s ear and face, without sacrificing sound and flash suppression.

The patent pending Pressure Reduction Cap features high performance internal and external flash reducing features, as well as optimally tuned gas vents which not only enhance flash reduction even further but also improve sound performance in conjunction with the ECO-FLOW™ baffles.”

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