Rayvn Group has debuted their latest piece of kit with the new RAYVN rail for the PVS-14 and FLIR Breach devices.

Rayvn Group states “The Rayvn Rail is a new PVS-14 / thermal device bridge that is disrupting the market.

Manufactured in the USA, it boasts sturdy all-metal, lightweight construction similar in quality to high-end bridges but at a lower price than 3D-printed single-device counterparts.

It also offers infinite IPD and lets you change to any combination of single or dual devices in seconds.

This includes compatibility with the upcoming Armasight Sidekick, which is sure to be a new thermal market favorite.”


  • Made in the USA
  • All-metal, lightweight construction
  • Infinite IPD adjustment
  • Quick-change system for single or dual devices
  • Compatible with the upcoming Armasight Sidekick


  • Same build quality as high-end metal bridges for less money than 3D-printed single-device counterparts
  • Infinite IPD adjustment for optimal comfort
  • Quick-change system for easy device swapping
  • Compatible with the new Armasight Sidekick

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