Magpul Industries has released their latest piece of kit with the new TEjas Gun Belt “EL Delgado” in Alligator.

Magpul Industries state “The latest and very limited edition of our Tejas Gun Belt line is the “El Delgado” Alligator.

It’s a beautiful, American-made gun belt that supports your everyday carry in unmatched style.

The extremely rare alligator hide construction gives you a unique look and fully functional support for everything you’re carrying.

It’s crafted from a solid, one-piece strap of 100% American Alligator hide that is sourced from either Florida or Louisiana from some of the biggest alligators in the US.

The hide is backed by a flexible polymer reinforcement layer that provides added support and prevents sagging.

The “El Delgado” Alligator is the sturdiest, most rugged belt you’ll find that’s comfortable enough to wear everywhere.

Each belt is unique, as exotic leathers vary in texture and color, so you’ll have a one-of-a-kind design made from a hide that’s hard to find anywhere.

They measure 1-1/2” wide and .21” thick, so they’ll fit most belt loops and holsters comfortably. Eight holes with precise 3/4” spacing provide a wide adjustment range.

The belt includes an easily removable buckle that’s engineered with a sleek profile design that sits flat against the waist and helps reduce printing when you’re carrying.

It’s available in even sizes from 32″- 46″ and in two colors, Black and Chocolate.

To get the full story on Florida invasive species and sustainable hunting of alligators, we visited our friend Mike Kimmel, AKA “Trapper Mike, the Python Cowboy” down in the Everglades and the Okeechobee area.

After a variety of iguana, feral hog, and invasive geese hunts, we took part in some alligator removal from an Okeechobee-area cattle ranch.”

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