Primary Arms has announced the SLx 5x Micrprism optic with ACSS reticle now entering the pre-order phase.

Primary Arms states ” Combining the power of 5x magnification with the size and weight of a red dot, the highly-anticipated Primary Arms® Optics SLx® 5x MicroPrism is now available for pre-order with delivery in late June!

Coinciding with the launch, pre-orders are also available for two new MicroPrism accessories: a 12 O’Clock Reflex Mount (MR-12) and an Offset Micro Dot Mount (MDOM).

Weighing just 8.5 oz, the SLx 5x MicroPrism is one of the lightest 5x scopes ever built, delivering enhanced range and accuracy without compromising on maneuverability.

Despite its size, the 5x MicroPrism offers impeccable optical performance with a 21’ field-of-view (@100 yards) and a forgiving eye box.

Like other MicroPrism optics, the 5x MicroPrism incorporates AutoLive® motion-sensing reticle illumination with Daylight Bright® output.

The SLx 5x MicroPrism is available in two different reticle configurations: the ACSS® Aurora® 5.56/.308 Yards and the new ACSS Aurora MIL.

The ACSS Aurora 5.56/.308 Yards is a high-performance 5.56 and .308 BDC reticle that can range and engage targets accurately to 800 yards.

Alternatively, the ACSS Aurora MIL reticle features a standard MIL-grid reticle with built-in ranging tools for both target height and width.

Compatible with every cartridge and barrel length, the ACSS Aurora MIL offers unmatched versatility, making it a great choice for any setup.

Alongside the new 5x MicroPrism, Primary Arms Optics has also opened pre-orders for two new secondary optic mounts.

The 12 O’Clock Reflex Mount enables the user to attach a mini reflex sight above their optic in a ‘piggyback’ position, allowing quick target acquisition in close quarters.

For those who prefer a canted offset, the new Micro Dot Offset Mount positions a micro red dot optic alongside your primary MicroPrism optic.

“With the huge success of the 1x and 3x MicroPrism, we still had customers that wanted more magnification in a MicroPrism form factor.

The new 5x MicroPrism offers excellent optical performance, bright illumination, and advanced reticles in a very small package,” says Stephen Morgan, Director of Product Marketing for Primary Arms Optics. “With that increased magnification, we also knew there would be increased demand for piggyback and offset optics, which is why we’re introducing new accessory mounts that make MicroPrisms even more versatile.”

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